BLOGMAS – #Day 2

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Welcome back to day 2 of BLOGMAS.

Do you think you have necessary points of growth in your life ? I personally do and I think a lot of us too.

From my experience, in some instances growth has resulted when I questioned things. For example my value systems, my belief systems, my opinions, my non- negotiables….you name it. Questioning how I let these shape how I thought or how I led my life. Questioning whether who I am as a person aligns to them or did I just internalize them because of the environment I was in?

I didn’t like the answers to most of those questions and thus opportunities for growth and change became clear.

So for today’s post I’ll share 2 points of growth and learning that I deem necessary for all of us.

1. Expectations

It’s true that people around us and society at large can have so many expectations from us. Like seriously, your parents, relatives, lecturers, and many more others can have all these expectations and they can be too much for you. They can be things you never desire to attain or to be.

In fact, you could have even communicated your disinterest but ended up meeting those expectations. You justified your decision to do so with sentiments of “for the sake of maintaining the peace” etc etc.

But what does that benefit you ?

My growth opportunity in this aspect was me coming into the space where I could actually take back power. So that instead of burdening myself with belaboring the fact that I didn’t align myself to these expectations and still meeting them even though “in protest”, I just concerned myself with what worked for me and any other thought that someone might have have had was simply just an opinion that I could or not have taken into consideration.

2. Boundaries

I know most times we talk about setting our own boundaries. Demarcating points where people aren’t allowed to cross and for the most part I think a lot of us have done some ample ground work to set this up.

My learning curve however has been to also actively remember to respect other people’s boundaries and most especially when they’ve been communicated. For example when someone says they’re aren’t ready to talk about something or they’re not comfortable to talk it out with you, respect it. Don’t keep probing. You can assure them that you’re available when they are ready to or willing go offer any other assistance you’re capable of but please respect what they want and need for themselves at that time.

Catch you tomorrow for day 3 !


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