BLOGMAS – #Day 4

Happy holidays 🎉

Today I share tips on online shopping.

I enjoy online shopping quite a lot and I have had very few misses whenever I do it. In fact, I feel like I can actually say I’m well seasoned in it be it locally and internationally.

Therefore for day 4, I will gift you with 10 tips that actually work for me and will probably make your shopping experience better.

  1. Check/verify credibility – this applies to websites as well as Instagram pages. Ensure that you aren’t scammed by malicious people online. Check to see if the page has tagged posts, if there are comments on their posts. The aim to see that real people are interacting with the page. For websites, as you search see which site pops up first, is it considered a secure network etc.
  2. Know your measurements – you can have this done by a tailor or you can do buy a tape measure and do it yourself. This will help you know which clothes will fit and which one won’t. Avoid buying clothes that end up being ill fitting.
  3. Always check size charts – you may not be the same size across all brands. For example US sizing differs from UK sizing. A medium for a certain brand can fit you and for another maybe not. For most Instagram pages the size chart they use is usually on their highlights sections and for shopping on websites it’s usually close to where you choose the size of the item you’re adding to cart.
  4. Check for reviews – before adding to cart see people have reviewed the clothes. What ratings did they give ? Check the product description is it the material you expect. Does it have stretch ? Check check check.
  5. Be courteous when interacting online and most especially on IG. It doesn’t hurt. If there’s a requirement to pick up whatever you’ve bought within a week please do so.
  6. Use secure payment options – especially so when it come to International websites. I for one of oils recommend using PayPal.
  7. Sales – there are always a couple of international holidays and most of the time, there are sales during such. It’s always a good time to consider shopping then.
  8. Don’t bank on what you’re shipping in until it arrives – there is something called delays! Be prepared to have your shipment sometimes arrive later than was estimated. So if you don’t have an outfit for an event that’s coming up soon, don’t only bet on you’re shipping. I mean you could even get the wrong package among other things.
  9. Bulk buying – this will save your coins just as sales do.
  10. Always track your order – to see the progress and also to be able to raise concerns as they arise.

That’s all for now.

See you tomorrow for day 5 !


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