BLOGMAS – #Day 5

Happy holidays 🎉


This is just a reminder for you to practice kindness this Christmas. Kindness to yourself, to those you know and to strangers.

To yourself

Be easy on yourself. Be kind to yourself this season. It’s perfectly fine to not feel the merry and cheer that may be all around you. You don’t have to feel the Christmas vibes. Making it this far in the year is more than enough.

This period could also remind you of loss. It could be triggering for you. It could also be the time people with whom you don’t have such a great relationship with are coming over and are in your space a lot.

Please do what you need to do to get through. You don’t have to pretend your happy. Be kind to yourself.

To those you know

Don’t put pressure on them concerning making any plans for the holidays. They may not have means to or they simply don’t want to and that’s perfectly fine.

If you’re aware of any difficulties that they may be experiencing and you’re in a position to do something go ahead. Share kind words, encourage them etc etc.

To strangers

Now that we can’t just smile to strangers because we’re wearing our masks, we can smile through our kind deeds.

You could donate items you have never used, items you no longer have need for or items which you just don’t like anymore. Don’t give out stuff you’re trying to get rid off because it’s worn out and has tears. Give good quality items that you would still wear or give to those you love.

Dry foods and toiletries are also great items that you can donate.

Smile in kindness.

Gift kindness this Christmas.

Remember to keep wearing masks, practice social distancing, sanitize and wash your hands.

Take care !

See you tomorrow for day 6!


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