BLOGMAS – #Day 6

Can you hear jingle bells already ?

We’re halfway through 12 days of BLOGMAS and honestly it’s the consistency for me. I’m just now realizing how you can actually do things that you put your mind to.

6 blog posts within the same month is actually insane for me. Like that could have easily been spread over 3 months or even 6! I honestly can’t imagine just how much more I can do as long as my mind is set on doing that.

However it’s actually not enough to just have an idea or thought you’re working towards. You need to “do”. Execution is the only way through which you can share what thoughts you had, what ideas you had, what you had set your mind on.

Oftentimes though, self-doubt creeps in and we abort the execution. The nerves get the best of us. The execution, the doing scares us so much. That period of waiting before doing, the anxiety is just heightened. Then when you finally go ahead and do something you realize how it’s not as bad as you thought it would be.

So please do.


And remember Done is always better than perfect. Seeking perfection doesn’t even usually end up in done or executed.

Catch you for day 7 tomorrow !

Tomorrow’s post will be much later in the day though.


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