BLOGMAS – #Day 8

Welcome back to day 8 🎄

I just want to say that I’m honestly really touched with all the feedback I’ve gotten so far from the previous BLOGMAS posts that have gone up. Thank you so much !

For today however I want to put you to work. I have published over 100 blog posts this far and I would really love to know of all of those which of my posts is the most memorable for you and why.

It doesn’t have to be a BLOGMAS one, it could be one from a year ago, whichever. So please today let’s engage in the comments. I’ll be looking forward to reading what you have to share and of course reply to all of that.

See you in the comments 🤗

Be sure to also be back for day 9 tomorrow!


14 thoughts on “BLOGMAS – #Day 8

Add yours

  1. I found myself still staring at my phone after i read “A note to my failures “ ,never have I related more❤️
    I still think about one phrase… “I survived.”

    Keep feeding us with your good works ❤️

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  2. I still remember this phrase… “I survived “ from a note to my failures.
    I was so emotional afterwards,I had never related to anything like that before.❤️

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  3. The ‘Taking Stock’ blog stood out for me. I learnt to keep track of the small yet positive steps in life, work to be better by the day and to be grateful for everything ❤️

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  4. This was a tough call😅, but This is 100 would be that post for me. 🙈. I don’t know, but I related with almost all the 50+ random facts about you to extents I can’t explain 😅.
    I would read through them and relate them with a post you’ve written before or some random IGTV 😅 post.

    Like it blows my mind to date 🤭.

    It’s how organic and authentic the whole experience is. Love it !


  5. This is a tough call, 😅, but This is 100 would be THAT post for me.🙈
    I resonated with the 50+ random facts about yourself in ways I can’t explain🤯😊.
    Apart from going all, ” OMG! Me too!” On almost all of them 🤭 it brought to mind several other previous posts and IGTVs here and there I would be so overwhelmed.
    It’s just how organic and authentic this experience has been.
    Love it!

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