BLOGMAS – #Day 10

How about a hand at poetry today ?

Stand in Light and Live

I sit at this corner

dark and cold,

I wonder how it feels to feel some warmth

The cold is all too familiar to me, I don’t know if I can take in any heat

It’s freezing, I’m frozen , ice

The heat is going to melt me, will I even still be me ?

No, I don’t want to turn into liquid, to follow the shape of wherever I’m put in?

I said it’s dark too

The bright light sometimes seems beautiful

I see the rays peeking through the small window above

But it’s too glaring

No! I can’t look! I shouldn’t look! I don’t want to be blinded

I dream of the outdoors

How does it look outside? I can’t possibly stay in this corner for life.

What are those sounds I hear outside ? Those noises ? Where do they come from ?

Where does the light come from ? Why does it also go away ?

This can’t be all there is to life?

Are those people I hear laughing outside ?

Is that what happiness sounds like ? How does it feel to not be alone in a corner ?

To have others around you too?

How did I get here in the first place ?

Who brought me here ? How did I get here ? Does no one care for me at all ?

Flesh is no more found on my body.

Life is actually leaving my body.

Will I ever get out of here?

Sorry I slept again, it’s literally all I can do

What was I saying again ?

Oh yeah, will I ever get out of here ?

Oh wait, did you hear that ?

You didn’t hear that knock on the window ?

There it is again, did you hear it ?

That !

What’s that sound ?

Lemme stand and check it out.

I’ve been down here too long already.

“Come out and play with us !”

Whispers the child knocking on the window.

I smile.

So this is how it feels to have someone talk to you?

The light outside isn’t blinding at all.

It’s beautiful!


Oh my!

Maybe this child can find a way to get me outside.

I want to go outside.

I need to go outside.

I will go outside.

I will stand in light and live.

Who is the persona ?

Remember those questions back in high school ? I wouldn’t actually mind an answer but what I’m going to say next is more important to me and perhaps for you too.

The above is just a short representation of what I imagine goes on in our minds sometimes; just put figuratively of course.

The dark and cold – these are the things that trouble us and are also toxic to us. Our overthinking, our anxious thoughts, our traumas that we keep reliving ( Read as whatever it is for you ). Those dark places hidden away from all us. Have you touched those places ? Have you checked on what’s going on there ?

Maybe let some light come in. The light that comes in is – the much needed therapy, the care and love of friends, the healing, the unlearning and learning, getting prayed up (again read as what this looks like for you).

Light up those dark places with kisses where the wounds still hurt.

Be gentle with yourself but let that light permeate.

You don’t have to do it all at once. No!

Start with lighting a match today.

Tomorrow light a candle.

The day after maybe a lamp?

Open the window the next day.

Keep adding that light.

I believe in you.

You too can stand in light and live.

You can rise.

It’s okay to let that light in.

It’s okay to ask for help.

I want you too, to stand in light and live.

Let the light in.


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