BLOGMAS – #Day 12

I hope you’re on the nice list 😉

First of all I’m particularly happy today because it’s my birthday. I’m honestly also so happy I decided to do BLOGMAS this year. I truly hope that the posts that I’ve shared in the past few days have added value to you in one way or another.

For today I’ll close off with one of my fav posts to do : Taking stock. I’d recommend that as you read my responses you also genuinely take stock of how you are right now so that you’re better informed on steps you can take to change up things if you need to.

Making: the most of of each day to be honest. At least I’m trying to and also not overthinking everything.

Cooking: shrimp and pasta like literally every other day because why not? It could actually be an addiction at this point. I’m truly obsessed.

Sipping: on ginger tea now that I finally got around to using lactose free milk. I’m actually a joke because I dump cheese in the pasta but no, for milk I’ll have the lactose free one.

Reading: at least one article a day because it’s a good culture to develop and it also doesn’t take up that much time. If I’m being honest with myself, I’ll read a book again as from next year.

Looking: forward to finally seeing things start paying off. I feel like for the major part of this year I have been sowing and sowing a lot and I’m now ready to reap the benefits.

Listening: to Taylor Swift’s last 2 recent albums and my friend’s album called “The Love Flowchart” on repeat.

Wishing: I was at an undisclosed location with a magnificent view just drinking and eating up life. Shall we manifest ?

Enjoying: having more time than usual in my hands. Like it’s allowed me to get the chance to curate a few things here and there and I mean I’ve also been able to do BLOGMAS.

Eating: in a lot. That’s all. But you can always send me food. I particularly like burgers, thanks.

Liking: the fact that Twitter returned the normal RT feature. That update they shoved up our throats was really stressing me and my homegirls and we’re about that soft life you know.

Loving: the steps I’ve taken to grow and even build my friendships this year. Of course I have been lacking in some areas but I’ve tried mahn.

Buying: nothing because over here I’m just tryna save those coins to travel and for restaurant escapades too.

Watching: girlfriends on Netflix. I barely get through an entire series but we’ll see how this goes.

Hoping: brighter days are coming for all of us. We could use some good times, hearty laughs and smiles that are genuine.

Wearing: all my cute dresses for this festive season. Like you just have to take my word for it because I don’t think you’ll be seeing photos on social media as evidence. Okay maybe for 1 or 2.

Following: no schedule at the moment and I love it !! Like waking up and there’s nothing I’m required to do ? Yes please !

Noticing: I’ve become less insecure than I probably was last year and I’m here for all of that !

Sorting: out my clothes because some really need to go. It’s like when I clear out and give away some I purchase back twofold and just create greater clutter each time. Send help ?

Getting: psychologically prepared to resume online classes next year January. Whew Chile !

Saving: some people with their full names because well…

Bookmarking: information that is useful and necessary such as links to the contacts of mental health professionals.

Coveting: a luxury designer item; specifically a bag.

Feeling: like I am capable. I mean to just be in a state where self doubt is absent even for a few moments is everything. I’m also feeling grateful, it’s been one hell of a year but I have also made some big strides and my heart couldn’t be more full.

Thank you for tuning in to the BLOGMAS 2020 series.

Merry Christmas ! Happy Holidays!


9 thoughts on “BLOGMAS – #Day 12

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  1. Well, clearly am the last person to comment on the 12 days of blogmas series hehe. It feels lonely in this comment section considering everyone commented last year. Oh well as they say, better late than never hehe. I have just read all the 12 days of Blogmas right now and purposed to comment at the last one.
    I honestly enjoyed reading them. One thing I love about your blog is that the posts are usually very relatable and more so informative. We get to learn alot and appreciate your writing as well.
    Keep up Venchichi!!

    Liked by 1 person

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