I lost 2 very dear people to me in the months of February and March and each year since it’s been different. This year as compared to last year I’m feeling more emotional and I have found myself having moments where I just break out into crying …..and I know it’s okay.

I don’t like it when people try and gauge how “well you are doing” by whether you can now speak of your departed loved one without crying and whichever other parameters that are out there. Are you even being serious ? Really ?

I cry talking about how much I love my friends and how they’ve been there for me and they’re here so how much more those who have made who I am and aren’t ?


Grieving can never be linear. I mean our own lives aren’t linear; we have different seasons. We wake up feeling different each week, each day so it’s totally okay for anyone grieving to also grieve differently depending on the seasons they are in.

I was particularly angry this one time on twitter. Someone had posted about her late mum and someone commented how she shouldn’t have done so because it’s apparently been long enough. Long enough for her to no longer still be talking about her. That she should move on and stuff like that. I don’t think I could even continue reading that comment but can you believe it ?

How can you put a timeline for someone to grieve.

You can’t. Don’t do it !



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