Thinking Out Loud

A fitness enthusiast I like usually says that “Discipline is greater than motivation”

Ask me how I know this is true? Experience.

The thing with motivation is that it won’t always be there and here I am now trying to post something before February clocks out. I don’t know if the fact that I am trying to make sure that at least 2 posts go up today counts though. I mean, they will still be 2 posts for the month right ?

I’m here currently thinking about celebrating small wins; you know the little things. For starters, if you don’t already follow my Instagram “content page” – Venturablogs – please do so by clicking here.

I’m about to get to 400 followers over there and if that could happen within the week it would be great ! I would be so happy. Be sure to plug anyone who you think would benefit from doing so.

So onto this gratitude thing …

I’ve been feeling hella ungrateful to be honest. And it sucks. And the “it could have been worse” kind of mentality isn’t also something I like to entertain. I’m the “it could be way better” kind of person so a girl has really been struggling.

I think for me probably knowing that this is a small step towards the greater thing that I want helps me appreciate where I am more. Because it’s technically me removing myself from the permanence of what is now.

I don’t know how y’all go about this thing btw I’d love to know.

I realize I’m also the queen of sharing all these helpful things but the implementation 😭 non- existent! In fact error found!

I think being aware of this is a good thing though.. I think it builds capacity for me to grow and change up.

An unrelated thought: My friend told me this affirmation “I am supported” a couple of weeks ago. Like yes I will achieve this because .. “ I am supported” I want to even add “I am divinely supported” and honestly that’s been a source of calm for me whenever I have felt things aren’t going as I’d like you know – so just keep putting in the work because you are divinely supported 💛💛

Another thought 😅 : it will all make sense at the right time. This I heard from someone I follow on Instagram and what put life into it is her sharing her personal experience. Like she had met particular people at different times in her life and they ended up being instrumental for her when she was doing a certain project. It will all make sense.

Just my thoughts..


10 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud

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  1. “it will all make sense at the right time” is all I’m holding on to in the phase of life I’m going through. Also, keep going. We see you!❤️

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  2. Two verses I like Hebrews 10:38 (the just live by faith) and Ecclesiastes 9:11 (time and chance).
    The first one helps me detach myself from my emotions not by being numb but by understanding that feelings don’t make a person, you can feel fear but the mere presence of the feeling doesn’t make you a coward unless you lean into it and give it power.
    The second verse helps me understand that I am only responsible for the effort and diligence I put forth and that the outcome of my output is not in my control but it’s in God’s hands.
    So I think you are on the right path the body of work you have and continue to put in will pay out you just need to let go of the how and when in my opinion.
    I hope that helps and all the best to you I can’t wait to see what you do with all that’s coming to you.
    P.s. Wonderful piece.

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  3. I am divinely supposed! 😭 and my heart melted to a pile of nothingness 😪
    Plus me thinks discipline is the principle and motivation is the feeling one sticks forever and the other is not as constant… lovely work ♦️✨


  4. ‘I am divinely supported!’ 😭 and my heart melted to a pile of nothingness 😪
    Plus me thinks in most cases discipline is the principle and motivation is the feeling, one sticks with you while the other is in and out depending on the season… Lovely work ♦️ ✨

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