Caption This


I posted this amazing photo that to be honest was taken waaay back. This information was not on the caption of course. I found some motivational quote online and pasted it. At least I gave credit though right ? Can’t forget to use those hashtags #mondaymotivation.


The grind never stops right? I’m so busy working hard and I can’t be caught posting online everyday. Also I don’t want to come off as vain or whatever so I guess I’ll just reshare this post that someone tagged me on today. I’ve seen the tag at 7am because I check social media as soon as I wake up but I’ll add it to my story at 10pm. Remember, I’ve been grinding all day, I couldn’t possibly have had time to see the tag any earlier !


We’re almost there. Friday is when the week ends so we’re pretty much halfway there. I can afford a boomerang during my lunch break today. Hmm, but a boomerang of myself or my food ? Decisions decisions.. I settled on a yes or no poll; Does pineapple belong on pizza ? Yes or No ?


I think today is a perfect day for take me back photos. I’ll reshare the posts from my feed on my stories. Then I’ll say, “I’d rather be here but … and then add #TakeMeBack. Search for crying gifs and we’re pretty much done..


The weekend practically starts today so I can go off today and post as many stories as I want. I think I can even do an ootd post today. Also probably check out my explore page and share a couple of things from there.

Can’t wait to come back on Monday to still tell people to put in the work even if we had a 2 second weekend.


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