So you are at the beach snorkeling and so far so good. Everything seems fine, the fish look so beautiful- plenty of colours, stripes and patterns you’re seeing underwater. It’s honestly just incredible – such beauty! But then you come up for air or to adjust your mask and notice that you are so far off from where others are. You have somehow gone deeper and deeper into the sea.

You start to panic. You are perhaps an averagely good swimmer but that compared to the might that waters carry places you at a vulnerable position. You shout and scream to try and signal the rest that you are no longer amongst them ; they are too far to hear.

You wish you should have just stayed on the boat and been content with seeing the fish through the glass at the bottom. It was safer that way. Perhaps if someone had accompanied you, you would have felt safer ? Maybe if there was a life jacket; just something to calm your nerves. To assure you of safety.

Oh hell, you’re probably never going snorkeling again ; too risky! You Imagine a situation where all your fears are arrested and you feel as safe as can be.

Now imagine having a conversation with someone and not having to constantly overthink whether you’re saying things right, whether you’re saying too much, whether you should use a lower tone, sound less emotional or use shorter sentences. Where showing up as you isn’t conditional on certain ideal circumstances but is expected and accepted of you no matter what.

Well, it’s not something that you can experience with everyone but it’s something that you may experience with a few.

When you find community !

You deserve that. I hope you find your community ♥️


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