I could feel her hovering around me.

She was quiet,

she didn’t want to bother me.

She must have read the room.

A baddie !

But I could feel her around. ..

The way you feel when someone’s eyes are on you.

The way you can feel someone hiding behind the bushes; you swear you even heard their sound and saw some movement.

But you can’t pinpoint as to where exactly it came from.

Also, it really doesn’t bother you because you’re so immersed elsewhere.

They call it being busy..

But then it was early morning when she found me,

When she was sure I had time.

She came and sat right next to me.

At that spot that she likes.

She could tell I was breaking inside.

She knew what she had done to me not too long ago.

How she had taught me a lesson on how much range she has.

How she can look different at different times and even show up in different aspects of my life.

But you know what

This time…

She came prepared ..!

She knew I needed it

She wrapped her arms around me ,

we cried together ,

We even stole a little smile for a second

We felt the intensity of all of it.

Every single emotion- we made sure we felt it

Actually ; we shared it

She told me how she had been lingering around.

How she was watching me long before I figured out she was around.

And then it was time for her to leave.

But before she did,

she apologized for coming unannounced; as usual.

I commended her,

at least she doesn’t overstay her welcome these days.

Of course I told her she should let me know when next she would come.

She made no promises.

I know she’ll come around again.

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