Hello there and welcome back to my blog !

Today’s post is actually one I really love sharing.

I think it’s mainly because it helps me tune in to myself, think and reflect about how I have been navigating life and where I am at the moment. (It is also where I share things that will help you know me better – and perhaps you can do more with some of the information…).

I hope you enjoy reading this.

Let’s take stock !

Making : lists and more lists of some places I want to check out soon. Also, a lot of those pros and cons lists because I have been having a bout of indecision of late and such lists come through for me in such times.

Getting :
more into artsy and crafty things of late. I have taken out the paints and all that is left is for me to get the other necessary “tools of trade”.

Cooking :
in bulk still seems like a good idea to me but I cannot imagine having to eat the same meal more than once a day or too often in a week. I like having whatever I feel like on a whim.

Sipping :
on water to try and wash down the ungodly amount of chocolate I have consumed.

Reading :
multiple books at a time ? Yeah, I am trying to see how that goes for me. I am usually the type to just commit to one at a time.

: about what first impressions I have made on people I have met. Actually, I would actually be interested in knowing what your first impression of me was if we’ve ever met (leave a comment).

Remembering : this one time, I think it must have been 2018 or thereabouts when one of my resolutions was to meet up with all the people on my phonebook at least once that year. Of course I didn’t !

Looking :
forward to trying out this Korean restaurant with my bestie. I am so excited for the whole experience, especially the part where we get to grill meats at the table for ourselves.

Listening :
to a video play in the background as I write this post.

Wishing :
I was somewhere soaking up some sun as I sip on a cold drink. For like maybe two weeks or so because a fews days of holiday is hardly enough if we are being honest.

Enjoying :
the season that the people around me are in. So many wins and good things happening all around and it is beautiful to witness. My heart is so full!

Appreciating :
how far I have come with myself. I cannot believe I am in a position where I am actively learning to release myself from the shackles of “there is a certain timeline within which things need to be done”. It is honestly very freeing and I love that for myself. I feel like am finally living.

Wanting :
to high key spoil my loved ones with the fine things of the land ! I know the day is coming.

Eating :
chocolate is a constant part of my life still. I don’t think a week can go by without me having some.

Finishing :
up on a few things I had been putting on hold. It’s just time.

Liking :
the fact that I am keeping the promises that I make tobmyself. I owe it to me for sure.

: the kind of content I’m seeing on my social media feeds. Not to say that it’s all positive and merry but it’s the kind of stuff that is either making me think, informing me, challenging or entertaining and that’s really all that I want.

: a lot of made in Kenya items has become one of my favourite things to do. Support local brands and businesses whenever you can.

Watching :
K-drama is the only way. I said what I said.

: to do a few trips before the year ends and especially to parts of the country that I haven’t been to before. 🕯

: either a headband or my one bucket hat whenever I leave the house of late. It’s becoming a thing I guess.

: in the CBD is still one of the scariest things I do. I don’t think it can ever be a “normal” thing to do.

: topics on Twitter is where it’s at ! It’s an easy way of curating your TL over there.

Noticing :
that I am currently in such a good head space and it’s pretty weird considering it’s been a very weird and quite tough couple of weeks if I’m being honest (aka been in the pits but I’m somehow still happy).

Saving :
those long texts in your drafts instead of sending them out is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. But delete them now darling.

Bookmarking :
those kind of tweets that I still don’t have enough chest to share ! Lol, if they ever made what we bookmark there public…

Feeling : quite happy with my decision to open a new personal Instagram account. It got to a point I started feeling like I was in a strange space; almost lost. I deserve to have a space I can control in the best way I know how. It’s like somewhere along the way boundaries became so blurred. But you can follow my main content page – venturablogs.

That’s all for today’s post.

I hope to have another post up sooner than later.

Until next time!



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