Okay, but get dessert too 🍨

So I’ve basically been at that point in my life where I’m intentionally doing things that make me happy and bring me joy.

For me that has lately looked like meeting up with friends whenever I can and grabbing a meal whenever it’s possible.

It should therefore not come as a surprise that recently I’ve tried out some restaurants. Perhaps you too might try them over this weekend ?

1. Red Ginger

Yes, I learnt about this one from that video 💀

So unfortunately I didn’t capture shots of the place but it’s quite a nice space. There are like 3 distinct sitting areas each with a distinct vibe and I thought that was cool.

It wasn’t necessary to make a reservation prior so my friend and I really could have opted to sit at whichever space. (We were there on a weekday which usually means less people I guess…… so maybe for a weekend making a reservation might be the best option ?)

The food ?

Well, for starters, we didn’t finish the food pictured here and ended up carrying leftovers which I think is a plus. We settled on having chicken and lamb as our meats and no regrets there.

The waiter helped us make the final decision you know – like on which type of chicken exactly etc etc – because they have options ! I think they have the longest menu I’ve seen at a restaurant.

You actually study it for real.

The total cost for everything (food and drinks plus dessert for the 2 of us ) was kshs.4060.

Verdict : The food was tasty. The dessert was underwhelming for me. Service was good. I would go back to try out a few more items (and by that I mean their seafood options iykyk).

2. Talisman Restaurant

I actually requested for this spot when I made the reservation so I was really happy to be sat here. It’s necessary to make a reservation (you can find the link for that on their Instagram page).

The vibe here is kind of a fine dining one but with a bit of less pressure 😅 – I don’t know how else to put it.

My friend and I had the same meal ( Thai Red Seafood). I had already decided beforehand that it was what I was going to have (after seeing a recommendation on IG) and they didn’t cap.

We both enjoyed this and the dessert was also unexpectedly pleasant. I liked the fact that it came in a “tiny pan”.

Their menu has a couple of options but not really as extensive. I knew what I wanted so I was just happy to get that to be honest.

They have the option of indoor and outdoor sitting, I just liked indoors better – felt more vibey for me and when we went there it was still pretty cold in Nairobi so I was definitely not trying to sit outside.

Verdict : Food was good – from the main to dessert. Service was also good. I think we had one underwhelming drink. I would like to be taken there again 😅. It’s generally pricier than Red Ginger but it was worth the coins for us.

As I finish …

Tips on what to order when at a restaurant?

  • You can always ask the person attending to you what their best seller is or what they would recommend that you get.
  • You can search online and see what people rave about (but take it with a pinch of salt because well.. ). So on Instagram for instance, once you search the location you can check out the tags and see what people ordered and what they had to say about it.
  • Pick one thing that you are sure can’t be messed up – eg if it’s a pizzeria, it’s more likely that their pizza is better than their chicken wings.
  • And I mean just be open to trying new things. Just because it’s different doesn’t mean it’s bad.

Lemme know of a place you’d like me try next.

Also if you’ve tried either of these 2 lemme know how your experience was and what you had.


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