BLOGMAS DAY 1 : 12 things I have learnt/confirmed about myself this year

Hello there!

As you have read from the title I will be letting you in some of the things that I have learnt about myself or really just confirmed you know?

  1. I experience things very deeply and often with intense emotion. This usually then takes me such a long time to process things – even up to months ! While it might seem good to take time for this and all (okay I think it is ), the challenge for me is I’ve not mastered how to not let myself be ‘crippled’ by all of this – and it translates to everything I do.
  2. I sometimes really care on how I deliver/relay certain information to people. For instance in moments I feel hurt, pain or anger etc I will usually try to take some time before speaking – if my chosen mode of communication is say sending an audio message I’ll actually record like 5 times before sending on the 6th just as a way to sort of calm me down. I can even usually tell a difference in my tone at the 6th time or whatever time I actually send. Not to say I will be 100% calm though.
  3. I really love travelling alone but i am starting to see how doing it with someone can be a good experince too. I hope to travel with a few friends next year 🕯. Also take me on baecations people 🥲 lol – here for hire . jk !
  4. This is strongly a confirmation but I don’t let people in when I’m going through it. Whew ! Let’s leave it at that.
  5. I remember what people say and mostly word for word. Like even if it was sent via a text I can replay it in my head over and over in your voice. Words really really get me. I don’t even think I can explain just how much.
  6. I’ve realized that I can actually retain information i havent written down. I used to think I could only survive on hand written material but I’ve come to learn I can do as good without. Though of course for sentimental reasons at times I like the hand written stuff. Also in the same line, I really won’t die if I read soft copy versions 💀
  7. Nothing new but I am really an island girl through and through. My dream is to work with a beachfront as my view. Slowly planning my move back to the coast, I’ve really had enough of Nairobi living 😭
  8. I really love my birthday. The main reason for this is because of much it was such a big deal when I was growing up. It felt like the only time i could actually go all out and all was really about me – and I didn’t feel guilty or undeserving of the love, gifts and attention. So up to date, I still feel the same way. I may not be as excited for other milestones or achievements but just let me have my birthday. 9 days to go !
  9. Where I put money really changes. Like 2 years ago I would probably just easily do with upgrading my gadgets and buying clothes and stuff but now I’m more into putting that into experiences. So I would much rather go away for the weekend than maybe purchase a new phone or something. I do love my perfumes but it’s also cause I associate them with places, moods and feelings. So it still adds on to my experience in a way.
  10. I am resilient and strong. I think of what I’ve been though sometimes and I shock myself every time. I don’t know how people would fare if they would walk a few miles in my shoes but Yooooh ! Nonetheless that’s not something I want or like to be my identifier.
  11. My hair actually grows fast hello !
  12. I absolutely absolutely love writing.

Come back tomorrow for day 2 of BLOGMAS 🤗


7 thoughts on “BLOGMAS DAY 1 : 12 things I have learnt/confirmed about myself this year

Add yours

  1. We probably haven’t had the same experiences but I relate with so many things. So I’ll respond to remind you, tuko wengi.
    Hair grows!
    I am resilient and strong too.
    I have recently started loving perfumes. More into the sweet and floral scents.
    It was not until recently that I’ve started enjoying my money on experiences and not just things, I hope to get into solo travelling in 2022 and eat all the vegetarian food I can get my hands on.
    Island girl, yassssss!
    I’ve been applying for jobs out of this Nairobi too🥲, had enough. If I get a job in malindi or kilifi, idk man!!!
    So I definitely get youuuuu!

    I experience things deeply too and I always remember every word someone says😆💀 I don’t think someone could even lie to me about something they said.
    I also love my birthday! I intend to celebrate all of them until I can’t. I can’t wait to afford certain birthday traditions for myself and loved ones.
    I used to care so much about how I deliver information but sometimes even being calm and kind doesn’t bring me desired results, right now I just say it how I feel it. I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone with my words really but I won’t do my best to protect them and ignore myself, you gerrit?

    Anyway, Friend, I hope you are reminded the beauty of your intensity is unique but not out of this world, I get you.

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  2. I really love watching yours travel vlogs and the restaurant reviews you do… such good vibes honestly. I guess you’ll have to carry me along with you for your next girls’ island tour😉.

    Liked by 1 person

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