BLOGMAS Day 2 : Drops of love

Pour some love into you hun ♥️

Is there a way to guarantee that a shoe will be absolutely comfortable after a day’s long wear? A long day of walking around running errands might I add. Maybe there is, maybe there isn’t – from my experience I really don’t know. However, what I know for sure is that there’s a certain relief I get after I soak my feet in some warm water.

If you have ever gone to get your hair done at Kenyatta market or Umoja market then you may not be a stranger to the pain of extremely tight braids. Of course it comes accompanied by a throbbing headache. Sometimes we brave the pain, for maybe a day or two then finally we get a good night’s sleep. If you had your hair in a bun you dare not take it down because that pain suddenly flows through your whole body and who wants to deal with the pain of each individual braid as you try to restyle? I have actually at one been in so much pain that I had to undo my hair the next day. It felt so good to have the braids out. The pain was so unbearable! It didn’t feel as bad when they were being installed but somehow between me getting back home in the evening and trying to sleep at night … I know they have some scalp soothers in the market and I’d like to believe they bring relief when one feels tension on their scalp.

All this to say that when in pain, we definitely need relief right? We may go about this differently of course; from using medicine to trying home remedies etc – the plan is to make the pain go away. But what about the pain that we cannot see? When we feel dejected and alone. When we feel like we have disappointed ourselves. Do we speak to ourselves in love and tenderness? Or do we speak down on ourselves worse than others would ever do? We don’t nurse our hurt with drops of love.

I wish we added the drops of love more. Spoke well of ourselves. Remembered that the core of who we are is beautiful and so much more than the mistakes we make. Remembered that there could even be anyone else like us. Accepted compliments that people gave us without the need of pointing another fault that we think we have instead. I wish we gave ourselves the grace to suck at new things we tried; to allow ourselves to take time too. I wish you add the drops of love you need to remind yourself of how amazing you are. You don’t need to be like anyone else. Just who you are and the way you are is enough. Love up on yourself. Rather than be one more person who puts down – meet yourself with drops of love, however that looks like for you.

See you tomorrow for day 3 BLOGMAS!


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