BLOGMAS Day 5 : Just because it’s the holidays…

It’s perfectly okay if you’re not feeling any merry vibes during this time. It’s also okay if you want to do things a bit different. So what if you want to spend the holidays alone, or with friends rather than family ?

Just because it’s the holidays :

Doesn’t mean that you suddenly have to reach out to people you haven’t been in touch with for most of the year. Especially if it’s been intentional on your end to not stay in touch. For real, there’s no point in faking a cordial relationship just to ‘ get through ’ the holidays.

Doesn’t mean you have to spend money you didn’t want to or money that you can no longer spend at the moment. There are probably events happening here and there or Christmas sales somewhere and you want to get everyone gifts but you don’t have the budget ; don’t risk getting into debt for that. It’s not worth it ! However if that’s not the case, go off if you’re able to !

Doesn’t mean you need to wear a happy face because everyone expects you to be happy in this ‘season of joy’.


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