BLOGMAS Day 6 : A Feast for your eyes

Welcome to day 6 of BLOGMAS ! We’re at the halfway mark already ? Wow !

In today’s post, I’m sharing a few meals I enjoyed having this year. As I was looking through my gallery I realized that I take more videos of my meals as compared to photos so I couldn’t feature all of my faves. Nevertheless it’s likely I’ve shared them on video – either on Instagram or YouTube.

With that said , let’s get into some of them !

Had to start with a breakfast meal of course. I had these red velvet pancakes with a side of an iced mocha (not in frame) and I really liked them a lot ! 📍Barista & Co.

They put crack in this bread I swear. I had this a little over a month ago now at the hotel I was staying at in Seychelles and it really delivered ! It was also kinda oily – like the good oily – the one you get when you bite that samosa corner. Aaah I loved it.

Yes the portions could have been bigger 😭 I know. I don’t remember the exact name of this meal but it was part of the day’s special menu. That’s some battered fish ( probably the best I can do as far as describing it). And it was really really good. Had it earlier this year when I was down at the coast. 📍Salty Squid Beach Bar Diani.

I just need that piripiri sauce they use on the chicken packed and sent to me because it’s actually really good. I actually liked this meal so much that I ordered it again via Uber eats the following week .📍Frangos Bar & Churrasqueira

Visited a local restaurant in Seychelles and these prawns were all they needed to be ! Aaah they were so so good. I would definitely go back there and have this same exact meal. I would also recommend the place 100%. So incase you visit and want to check out a local restaurant 📍 La Gaulette is the place.

I think I loved this more because of the sauces ! I had heard a lot about this place prior to coming and the fact that they were closing soon ( at the time ) made it mandatory to come really. 📍Hashmi’s ( it’s closed – as per their official communication on their pages – other people think it rebranded etc -whatever it is , this food was good ).

Okay lemme go order some food now.

Catch you tomorrow for day 7 !


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