BLOGMAS Day 7 : Rolling back the curtain !

Welcome to day 7 of BLOGMAS !

December for a number of people , especially towards its end is that time we look back at the year that was and reflect – see how far we’ve come, things we achieved and those that we didn’t etc.

However for today I just want to share what I really liked experiencing this year. The bad well – it doesn’t need more PR 💀

Some of my highs

Took a destination off my bucket list and honestly it still feels very surreal to me. It felt like a dream ! Like that was my reality for a moment ? Run me more please !

Made a lot of good financial choices this year and I’m so proud of myself !

Finally got an air fryer ! When I tell you I’m excited. I’m still waiting for it to get here though – in my head I have this thought that I’ll finally have these amazing recipes to share and become that babe lol. But on the real, I could do that.

Allowed myself to experience something special with a guy lol. But lemme be clear I still hate men 💀. Anyway, as I was saying – it was really amazing. Actually, as I was looking through my gallery to retrieve some photos from earlier in the year ( look out for Day 11 of BLOGMAS) I came across some photos from the night of our 1st date I guess and they made me happy. Even though a lot has changed since then, at least I can say it was good while it lasted.

I officially started doing YouTube ! I think I’ve become more comfortable with it as compared to the beginning. It’s an interesting space but I like it so far. I imagine how years from now I’ll have stuff to look back at and be like – ‘ You can’t say you didn’t live life Ventura’. I also see it as that permanent piece of myself that people will have of me when I’m gone you know.

That’s it for today. Catch you again tomorrow !


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