BLOGMAS Day 9 : Products I love – skincare and beauty edition

Welcome to day 9 of BLOGMAS ! Time is really moving fast right ? Today I’ll be sharing a few products that I love/ have loved using – recently and for a while now.


Presenting the Dear Klairs toners. I started using them last year and I have only gone back once (lol just cause I couldn’t find it at the time). I have used both the original one and the unscented one (this is my preference because my skin is sensitive – works much much better for me). The original is also really good, I just don’t like exposing my skin to fragrance.

I don’t think I would want to try another brand or anything because this already works for me. And that’s the thing with skincare and even hair care – when you find your jam, it’s really not worth it experimenting.

Also, incase you want to purchase either of them remember that just cause they work for me doesn’t mean they will for you.


I have actually tried a couple of sunscreens and yoooh! It’s been tough. Also , can we talk about how they run out so fast 😭😭 because of the reapplying and even wearing it when it’s cold. Anyway, so far I’ve enjoyed using these two. The Bioré one is what I use on my face and the Nivea one for body and so far so good. Sunscreen is an essential in any skincare routine. A lot of people actually say the toner and sunscreen combo is the business so yeah !


I’m still on the search for a signature scent and my preferences really change a lot. However, at the moment I’ve been reaching out for this Nomade by Chloé. One of the reasons I actually purchased it was its name 😅 and I don’t regret it. I wouldn’t say it’s the best scent out there but so far it’s on my ‘would repurchase’ list.


I love me a good layer of lipgloss. And this one ! This one is really the babe she thinks she is. I love it so much . It’s on the pricier side especially cause lipgloss is that item you want to reapply and also wear often – in my case almost daily. I would literally buy a collection of these. Would like to try out Fenty though and compare the two.

What are some of your skincare and beauty favs ?

Catch you again tomorrow for day 10 !


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