BLOGMAS Day 11 : Trips I’ve enjoyed this year – Kenya Edition

Maasai Mara

So this was a trip organized by Intrepid. They’re a travel agency that I guess is trying to now lay its roots in Kenya. It was truly an experience ! Our main form of transport was the overland truck. We camped at two different sites – so yeah tents and all that stuff ! All our meals were provided as well. This trip gave me that backpacker vibe you know. I would definitely want to do such a trip again – perhaps once every year – hopefully to a different destination – like I don’t know – Chalbi desert or something. It was also quite affordable – it cost kshs 14,000 for the two nights – for everything. We even got to visit a Maasai village ! Anyway here are some photos that were taken mostly by the photographer who was with us (yes that was included too)

Solo trip to Diani

This was really just a trip for me to relax. Aah it was really really good. I also dropped my phone the most in this trip 😂 because I was trying to my own photographer and everything – it wasn’t easy I tell you ! I also visited Mombasa in this trip. Got to go see dolphins – (I shared the videos on my ig). So here are some photos from the trip. I stayed at an Airbnb that had its own restaurant – Salty Squid where I could get the breakfast included in the accommodation package. I of course ate most of my other meals at that same restaurant too because it mean the food was good and so were the views ! I also took advantage of this time Jambo jet had offers for flights – so my return flight cost 4K only – then I arranged with my Airbnb host to get someone to pick me up from the airport.

An interesting thing that happened during this trip – lol story time – when I went to Mombasa I ran a bit late coming back. It was when we still had the 10pm curfew.. so I was at the ferry at about 9 something not too sure. I almost didn’t even cross but I was allowed to eventually. On crossing, there were literally no matatus in sight – I could see one but it was literally already full. Like it had excess already. Also my phone at this time was dying – couldn’t call a cab or anything. So I thought I was done for ! But then the tout was there telling me how I wouldn’t get another mat and all to take me – so I was like okay – I boarded with the hopes of I don’t know somehow squeezing ( didn’t work). So some guy offered to carry me 😂. And I let him cause I really had to get back. Imagine ! And it was like about 45 minutes till I was to alight. But he really did that for me and I was so grateful yoh. It was an experience I’ll never forget for sure !

Nanyuki – 📍The Barn

Small small out of town for my friend’s birthday weekend. It was really such a great trip ! We loved our Airbnb – probably the most self sufficient one we’ve ever found. Lol we even got everything we needed to arrange a picnic we set up at Ol Pejeta – from the dishes to the basket etc. It was truly a fantastic Airbnb – I think it would be exceptional if it had a pool but then again we only spent two nights so we weren’t bored with each other’s company by then 😂 I hope we do this again honestly ! I’ve already set my heart on an Airbnb in Arusha lol.


This was a day trip but I also truly loved it – probably best of day trips I’ve done this year ( but there have been some good ones too). Got to visit Tigoni Waterfalls and Red Hill Dam where we had lunch. The plan was to also catch the sunsets as we drove down very specific roads ( as recommended by my friend) but the weather later on didn’t cooperate 😭. It was still a good time though. I want to go back to Limuru just to explore more of the restaurants there and who gets tired of tea plantations ? No one ever !

And that’s it for today ! It’s actually my birthday btw 😃 !

See you tomorrow for the last day of BLOGMAS; Christmas !


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  1. Oh my I’ve found the bit of the guy offering to carry you intriguing and hilarious hahaha, plus lovely post this and the rest which I’ve enjoyed reading too

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  2. First of all I love the dedication to blogmas and this is such a nice travel diary. Sis keep wearing bikinis cause 😍😍. I love the poolside pictures and you look so happy and confident. Happy birthday 😘

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