BLOGMAS Day 12 : The classic Taking Stock post

So BLOGMAS is over now huh ? I’ve had so much fun churning out all the posts so far. I hope you’ve enjoyed them. I will definitely be doing BLOGMAS next year again!

To end this year’s BLOGMAS of course I had to do a taking stock post.

Enjoy !

Making : money and memories all 2022 is really all that I want 🕯

Getting : a tattoo is really high up there on my wants 😭😭 but I also have so many reasons not to get one 😂😂 it’s so weird lol. I don’t know. What if I end up not liking it / them. The permanence of things just doesn’t sit well with me.

Cooking : in bulk will forever be a lifesaver. I don’t do it often but I have never regretted doing it. Also, I can’t wait to start cooking with an air fryer. Already have recipes to try out saved.

Reading : is fundamental 😁 If you watch drag race then you’ve heard that before. Just though I’d drop it there.

Sipping : on a cold drink at the beach would totally be fantastic right now. The current weather where I am isn’t giving what’s it’s supposed to 😭

Thinking : of all the times I’ve thought that I have nothing to wear and wondering why I had to lie like that because what ? I could run an online thrift store for months without having to get new stock 😭😭

Remembering : the time my friend and I went to La Salumeria ( an Italian restaurant in Nairobi) and wow! I really have to go back there for a date night. We experienced it mostly for the day – so a dinner the next time would be amazing ! Also, I I’m kinda certain I’m obsessed with Italian food.

Looking : forward to traveling a lot next year and especially being to parts of Kenya I haven’t been to before. Bucket lists don’t only have to contain countries outside you know.

Listening : to this song called Fancy Like by Walker Hayes. I heard it on TikTok and I do be a sucker for some country music so yeah ; quick math.

Enjoying : not currently knowing which exact day of the week it is. You know that feeling when you’re deep in holiday mode – you just walk up and repeat your lazy and unproductive routine and you just love it ! Yeah, that’s what I’m enjoying at the moment.

Wishing : I couldn’t harbour feelings of regret as much as I do. That thing really really hurts and break me – it’s even worse if there’s some cringe attached to it.

Appreciating : how far I’ve come with many things I haven’t shared online, yoooh ! Also, my circle ! Babes have really come through for me , held me down, reminded me who exactly I am. I couldn’t even share half of what they’ve done for me but so much love to y’all ♥️

Wanting : to make a big purchase next year. It’s such a wild thing to imagine getting for myself (for me personally and knowing where my finances are) but if it doesn’t scare you ?

Finishing : the year truly happy and grateful ! I started off in almost a similar mood and headspace and I’m really glad I’m ending it the same because Chile !!

Eating : out has definitely been the best part of my weekends this year. I have done it a lot and I want to do it even more next year.

Liking : hot chocolate (without milk) of latex I probably can’t stand the one with milk still but wow – I’ve always been a fan of black coffee or tea but chocolate ? No. So that’s quite interesting to notice in myself – I think I’ll try add cinnamon and see if I’ll like it better that way.

Loving : how coloured hair looks on me ! Like wow ! I should have started this way earlier. I can’t wait to experiment more. I’m thinking of dye but I’m just a bit scared because in a span of two days I’ve seen people sharing horror stories of their hair falling out cause of dye – should I take that as a sign ? Anyway, I’ll stick to braids for a while – and maybe wigs.

Buying : into the idea of finally learning how to drive 😭💀 I’m those people.

Watching : Gilmore Girls all over again. I was even checking if the episodes are the 20 something minute long ons – turned out to be the 40 something minute ones and I was shocked – because I’ve been making good progress – like I’d wonder how I’m already at episode 16 of a season – I guess I’ve been proper binge watching !

Hoping : that I learn to trust and believe in my capabilities more and more. I don’t want to be part of the voices talking me down.

Wearing : clothes I already own to events. I have actually managed to do that the most this year – I guess I’ve successfully fought the urge to buy a new outfit for each event or trip I go for.

Walking : is definitely something I should get into. I live in an area where this could actually work. Imma try next year.

Following : useful accounts on TikTok is actually pretty dope. Here thriving on using excel thanks to the tips shared there ; I could never.

Noticing : how this year I haven’t read as many books as I would have liked. Hopefully next year my chosen escape is immersing myself into books.

Feeling : pretty grateful as this year comes to an end. It’s been tough for a lot of us and it’s truly time to say goodbye.

Hearing : cars driving by as I write this post.

Saving : for trips and only trips !

Waiting : on a lot of positive responses and breakthroughs this coming year. I’m ready ready !

Coveting : that Dior saddle bag. It’s literally something I want really bad.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays !


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