TAKING STOCK ; Many months later …

Making : a habit of doing a feelings check in my journal every Sunday. It’s such a good release for me and allows me to start the new week lighter and with great energy. It has also allowed me to make room for gratitude. Doing this once a week works for me ; for the rest of the days the most I can do is just to-do lists.

Getting : to experience life right now (on my terms) is my blessing for this season. Super grateful that I am able to.

Cooking : has again snuck back into things I really enjoy doing. Honestly, I think it’s because I now have time to do it as opposed to some months ago when it was the last thing I wanted to exert effort to because of how busy I was.

Sipping : on cold drinks again because finally the weather permits. (Truly hope this is the situation when this post goes up).

Reading : subtitles is only acceptable if you’re watching Kdrama. That’s it.

Thinking : of how sharing things with my friends is something I will continue doing. I have been reminded of how my reality now encompasses things things I said I wanted months ago, even years ago and it’s just so good. I wouldn’t have even remembered some.

Remembering : what if felt to have parents is just so wild now. At times I can’t believe that people’s realities include their parents. Like you can just call your mum or dad. You can just ask them to send money. You can just go home to visit for the weekend, over holidays etc. Really wish I still had that. I could never express just how hard it is for me to navigate life daily without their presence. You can’t put that into words.

Looking : for inspo for a nollywood y2k party that I’ve convinced myself I’ll somehow attend.

Listening : to old Taylor Swift albums lately. I’m just in that phase at the moment.

Wishing : I get to travel more before this year ends. Traveling is my evergreen wish, I will always want it to happen.

Enjoying : the fact that I am able to get enough hours of sleep daily. What is snoozing alarms ?

Appreciating : that I’m in a good headspace at the moment. Whew! I’m not just out here fighting my thoughts daily.

Wanting : to do a birthday shoot this year. I have probably said that for the last 3 years but maybe this year will be different.

Eating : is truly something I enjoy. Like through it I get to experience food ? Yessss please.

Finishing : this tub of ice cream is one of the most productive things I’ve done today and I absolutely love that for myself. What a perfect Sunday.

Liking : the fact that you can also choose who gets to view your TikToks. Gonna spam my followers on there some day.

Loving : the different seasons my friends and I are in. It’s truly truly so lovely to see. From recently starting new jobs , to getting married , to pursing further studies , running businesses , being mummies , I just love it so much. Especially because they’re happy. It just shows how though our journeys and paths are different, we still derive joy and happiness from all that. I love it.

Buying : perfumes is all I think about. The way I’m really practising restraint so that I just get some in December for my birthday, but in the meantime I highly encourage people to gift me.

Watching : myself after I’ve uploaded a video on YouTube is still so weird.

Hoping : we all get to find moments of joy and peace.

Wearing : what I want daily >> I should really take that step and give away my suits.

Following : social media trends will always be exhausting. Don’t get caught up in that cycle.

Noticing : that being able to react to messages on WhatsApp has slightly made my experience with the app better. Full threads of people responding to my messages are just followed by reactions and life moves on.

Saving : is something that I feel we need to talk more honestly about. I appreciate how helpful it can be but I also want to be alive to a lot of realities when it comes to money habits for different people. I think we can reasonably agree that being in a position to save is a privileged one.

Waiting : for a lot of desires to manifest. I have seen things happen so unexpectedly for me and that’s made me so expectant of even more to happen. My favourite thing to be perceived as at the moment is ; delusional! Like yess, please think I’m crazy and insane as I wait for that to be my reality.

Bookmarking : a lot of informative tweets. For the work I’m currently doing, that has really proven to be helpful, especially the threads people are update. By the following day when I now go back to check, I find full information.

Coveting : that Dior saddle bag still because hunnay! I literally have dreams about it.

Feeling : very uncertain of a lot of things that lay ahead of me. Really trying not to be anxious about stuff but it has not been easy thus far.

Hearing : what people say and not what I want to hear ; work in progress.


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