BLOGMAS Day 1: Welcome to blogmas 2022 !! 🎄

Hello there! Happy New Month and welcome to BLOGMAS 2022!!!

I’m so excited for you to read what I have in store this season and I hope you will love every bit of it. If I’m being honest, this year has been such a wild ride for me and ooh will I be serving some of the tea on that.

In more ways than one, I definitely feel like I’ve changed in the course of this year and I couldn’t be more proud.

So what exactly do I hope to share with you this BLOGMAS? Some bits of how I’ve experienced this year; the good and bad.

I have received proper Ls that I am still hurting over but I’ve also had some Ws which made me ecstatic. Really leaned into that whole concept of dualities and in-betweens I guess. Somewhere in there, I have felt different things. I’ve been content(- ish ?) but also yearned for so much more; wondered why I didn’t have it all. Even when I shouldn’t or didn’t want to, entertained thoughts of feeling like I was behind, and wasn’t doing enough etc. Time wasn’t pausing in stillness for me to just get things right and I hated it ( spoiler alert: one of the posts I’ll share this BLOGMAS is ‘When time doesn’t pause in stillness’).

I have appreciated my ‘oversharing’ nature especially when it came to my friendships; because of that, I have been reminded of how my reality is reflective of some of the things I shared wanting before. It’s sobering and quite surreal to be told ‘ omg remember when you wanted this and now you have this..’ I wish that for everyone and I hope I can make more of these statements to all my loved ones because everyone deserves to see their wishes and desires manifest in reality.

I don’t want to unpack everything right now so make sure you come back tomorrow for day 2 as we get the ball rolling !!


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