BLOGMAS Day 2: On the pyramid – Some things I just love

This is TikTok inspired, those who get it, get it

On the bottom, Paige. You were good, I’m waiting for you to be great.

Something I love is definitely snoozing my alarm. I do it every single weekday without fail! I’m not a morning person so I just need all the help and prompts I can get to wake up. I can see the value discipline can have on this front but no thanks.

And next, Kendall, you didn’t stick out to me

Staying indoors will always do it for me. I just love staying in the house. Let’s not even get to the convenience of online shopping. Previously I’d make the occasional trip to pick up some items from the CBD but thank God for pick up mtaani! I’m sorry but if you see me outside, it’s simply not me.

Next is Brooke

Twitter and Tiktok! My absolute favourite apps in life. I find them both very entertaining but I use Twitter more to get information! I almost had a breakdown one time when I realized I didn’t bookmark something important on Twitter. Whew! Anyway, forget all I’ve said about Twitter because aren’t we still boycotting it?

Next, Nia, you’re third on the pyramid you were third overall high score

K- drama! For me, this began in 2020 when I realized this was the best possible use of my time. I haven’t looked back since! But I’ll say this, I don’t like that I can’t just have a show playing in the background because unlike my best friend I don’t even understand a single word yet. So I need to read those subtitles; aka give the shows my undivided attention. Gosh and the hour-long episodes? I promise I still love them.


Sending and receiving voice notes. If this isn’t over-thinker heaven I don’t know what is ?. I do not have to spend an hour reading out one sentence trying to figure out if that was an angry tone. Similarly, I get to express myself exactly how I want to. The best life!

And on top of the pyramid, going three for three, once again, is Maddie

Spending money on food, travel and perfume honey! I could (softly, almost in a whisper) say this is what I was created to do! I just love it and once one is off my list, I immediately add 5 more because I will be doing this for a lifetime. They all in their own way just make me happy and feel good. The experiences that come with travel, I honestly do not think can be fully expressed to anothers’ comprehension. Perfume for me? An instant mood lifter and being the sentimental person that I am, I just associate it with so much – places, seasons in my life and people. Food – I just love it a lot and I probably have one of the most receptive palates. I can eat almost anything.

The end ! I hope you liked this post.

Let me know, what’s on your pyramid? ! Also, do you relate with any that made it to mine?

See you again tomorrow for day 3 !!


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