BLOGMAS Day 3 : Living for the sweet little somethings 🤍

Yet again I’m here talking to a friend about this new guy I’ve been giving attention and you know what? I really think he could be my person. He’s called Y but as time passes and things change it’s no longer necessary to be on a name basis. So we just refer to him as the “stingy guy” or whatever is befitting.

Months down the line when I tell my friend “ I bumped into Mr stingy yesterday” she knows exactly who I’m talking about; Y. This impresses me each time! When someone has been that keen through all the numerous stories involving so many people and still remembers/knows what I’m talking about or who I’m referring to? What a sweet little something!

The year has pretty much come to an end and there is still a bunch of things that you weren’t able to do/achieve. It’s safe to say that 2023 is going to be your year and you will try again but there’s that one person who is still holding the fort for you with the biggest faith talk ever; reminding you how things can change in an instant. Oh, they don’t even stop there, they send you affirmations and remind you exactly who you are and how worthy you are of everything you constantly desire. Isn’t that just more than a sweet little something?

The joys of having a sisterhood with amazing women who will come through for you in a heartbeat. Even before you ask for prayers, they’ve already been on their knees for you. Over time, you’ve become so comfortable around them and understood that it can be safe to let your guard down and be at ease. No expectations of perfection; no need for facades. Where love and support are always in season whether in bad or good times. I’m so grateful I have this sweet little something.

I live for these!

Like even those “ I saw this and thought of you” messages. Coming back home to a cooked meal (sorry if you live alone). Whenever I meet someone and they’ve carried a little chocolate for me because they know just how much I love chocolate. When above getting excellent service at an establishment, they offer you a complementary service or product. Compliments on a job well done. When a baby giggles and even if for a second everyone lightens up a little. When a book you’re reading or a show that you’re watching doesn’t have a tragic ending; sometimes it’s good to give the tears a break. When you get your Spotify wrapped and there’s still a whole playlist that’s been curated for you.

What are the sweet little somethings you live for?

See you tomorrow for day 4!


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