BLOGMAS Day 6: I’d pay to eat that again! – Nairobi restaurants edition

We have an easy read today ! Yay!! It’s all about food. I’ll just be sharing some meals I’ve had this year which I liked and would eat again.

Up first, we have the Tugulu rolls from Hero restaurant.

I unfortunately only took a video but you can have a look at them in this video I shared on Youtube. I really loved them. I think it’s a great place to start if you are trying to ease yourself into having sushi / if you enjoy seafood. Also as a restaurant, I feel like Hero offers some quality meals and drinks so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Sirloin steak at Sierra Bar and Grill – Sarit branch

This was really good! I think sirloin is a fairly tender cut in itself so would be a safe bet? I don’t know? But this? It cut so well and the sauce definitely complemented it.

Lasagna at Mediterraneo

Listen ,this lasagna ? I opted to try it based on someone’s recommendation online and they didn’t lie. It’s really good. The portion is also pretty good; I actually had to carry the leftovers home. Tasted so fresh and rich in flavour and I think the price point is great.

Seafood pizza at Il Giocoliere

Again with my seafood obsession! Went over to this restaurant during pizza week and it didn’t disappoint! Usually, people tend to somehow anticipate lower quality meals when there are offers because maybe the staff get overwhelmed etc, so it was refreshing to get such a well-prepared pizza. I would certainly go back for this.


Tiramisu at La Villa

I have had tiramisu quite a few times and honestly, I enjoyed this. And so did my date who was slightly skeptical about it initially. I have seen some great reviews of tiramisus from other places I’m yet to try so definitely looking forward to trying those too.

Sticky toffee dessert from Sierra ( not pictured )

This is also such a winner! If you’re a sweet tooth, I recommend you try it.

See you tomorrow again tomorrow for BLOGMAS Day 7!


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