BLOGMAS Day 8: So this is what I think

Hello there! I hope you have been enjoying the BLOGMAS posts so far. For today I will be sharing some things I believe to be true as I navigate life.

I do not have the power to ruin my life

It has taken me a bit of time to believe this but it is something that I can almost swear by now and I think it stems more from developing an abundance mentality. Old me would have thought that one decision I made in life would forever define all I could ever be and there would be nothing I could do about it. Forgetting that each day I wake up I have a choice. The choice to change my mind, to decide differently etc. Resigning to the idea that you have ruined everything is probably what keeps you in that state, but so long as you create room for other possibilities to exist, things will turn out okay if not good.

Actions go the miles that intentions don’t

There is not a time I can confidently say that I felt nice when someone told me they thought of calling me but actually didn’t. In my head, I just process that your intentions really counted for nothing because what is there to show for it? Actions should follow your intentions otherwise how will someone know? This literally applies across all aspects of life. Meet your intentions with actions to move/progress.

Sometimes the pain is just that and not preparation for some grand beautiful thing

I think it can be encouraging at first to think that you will always come out better for going through difficult things or after tough seasons but that is highly inaccurate. I attended 3 different high schools and while in all had my own share of difficult experiences that haven’t led to anything except me wishing I could forget that chapter. When you experience the loss of a loved one, for example, it brings you grief that you will carry till you meet your own end. And that’s it.

Life is happening now

It does not begin when things have aligned or at 40 or whenever. Life is happening in what you think is just your simple routine when you manage to catch a sunset when you don’t leave the bed the whole day. That’s how it unfolds and because it’s in a different way than others’, or than you would like it to at the moment, it’s still happening. So if you can remember to, sometimes just take it in because you only have your now for a moment.

Your journey is personal to you

Trying to replicate someone else’s will ultimately hurt you and not work out the way you think it will. Believe me, I’ve tried.

It’s all in the mind

I have said this particular phrase from a very young age and mostly when I needed to do seemingly hard things. To date, it still rings true because a lot of things start as thoughts in the mind then became words we express out loud, and then actions.

Hope you enjoyed this! See you tomorrow for day 9!


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