BLOGMAS Day 9: A poem for 2022 -pt 1

I had high hopes when we first met.

We started out quite well alright.

This led me to believe that it was only going to get better.

I was ecstatic from the initial events but after a few short weeks, I needed more.

I was parched; nothing to quench my thirst.

Almost three months later was it?

The whole first quarter of the year, gone!

Then you gave me something close to water.

Not quite what I needed but its sweetness was a great distraction.

Maybe I did not need water anymore?

But what else quenches thirst?

I had gone back to the drawing board and came up with a clear vision

But my poor eyesight must have been my undoing all along

I lost my sense of direction!

So then just ask for directions already!


No one else would have known where I was going

Oh no! It’s raining

My glasses have no use now

The raindrops add to the blur

It’s been another three months already

Half the year is gone now

There was a rainbow somewhere in between

But all other times; thunderstorms!

But wait,

I think the rain just stopped…………………..


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