BLOGMAS Day 10: A poem for 2022 – pt 2

The sky is starting to clear out.

What a bright new morning!

I have grown to love the days again

Maybe the beginning was the sign that great things would be found this year after all


I still have to carry my umbrella every day

Don’t forget your umbrella!

It might rain again

Just carry it so that it doesn’t rain

Remember when you forgot it last time

Don’t tell me you will carry that bag?

Why, what’s wrong?

It clearly doesn’t match your outfit

But it’s the only bag that fits my umbrella…

I guess it’s okay then…

I decide I want to be fashionable

I won’t carry my umbrella

I hope I don’t regret it

Would you look that?

It never rained

The fourth quarter of the year is almost at its end

Still, no rain!

There are dark clouds here and there again

But no rain!

I still think they are waiting to pour

But I have also learnt to dance in the rain

I’ll be ready when it happens.


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