BLOGMAS Day 11: A draft from June..

Is it possible for one to be part of a community and still be their own person? The short and easy answer is yes. The long answer? Well, it’s explained below; my POV.


From how I experienced life, as a child, I was barely the one making decisions. It was my parents for the most part. As I grew, there was a little more leeway to make decisions. But not big ones. Maybe just what I wanted to do with my hair, what to wear etc. However, if my parents felt strongly against what I decided, of course, theirs carried the day.

The scam (Adulthood )

I cannot quite figure out when the reins were now shifted to my hands. For real? Do you remember when you now all of a sudden were left to just now start deciding on your own and living with the consequences thereof?

I don’t remember when I got here but so far it’s not been the easiest thing.

One of those consequential things, as we grow older, is choosing a career. Put mostly as deciding what you want to do with your life. The irony, however, is that the amount of external influence and opinions people have is astounding! The external opinions can come from strangers and also people who are your community; friends and family. You want to thrive in this community but can you do that when you’ve disregarded their input?

I won’t lie, I meant to publish this post earlier but I guess I also needed to recruit members from my community whose input matched and affirmed a particular path that I had decided to take. I had enough of those who thought the contrary and I guess I needed someone to agree with me. Thank goodness they were there!

Do I still feel like I am my own person despite the validation seeking? Absolutely!


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