BLOGMAS Day 13 : Halfway through BLOGMAS 🎄

Where are the days flying to? Is it just me?

For today I want to share with you something that I’ve been using for maybe three years now that I would highly recommend.

It’s called the Year Compass.

I started using this as a substitute for a vision board and it’s been great working for me. I think what I appreciate about it is it can make you so intentional because of the prompts it has.

I think it could also be such a fun activity to do as a group as well, like every end of the year or new year y’all meet and just in a way recap the year and manifest what you want for next year and toast to it. ( Now I wanna do this )

Back to the year compass itself…

So basically it starts with you reflecting on the past year. You write down any significant events that happened in the year etc Then there are prompts for different categories like career, family and relationships. Asks you about some challenges you faced, people who influenced you, a risk you took, something that you were not able to accomplish, lessons you learnt about yourself etc etc

After that’s done you move to the new year. You choose your word for the year. You set out intentions you have for the year, and you write out basically what an ideal year would like for you no matter how crazy that sounds even to yourself, some patterns and habits that you will be looking to establish eg, three things you will do every day.. etc

It really covers literally everything and those things you don’t initially think about. So you need to intentionally set some time aside to fill it.

There is a standard version which you print out and then fill in by hand and a digital version that you can just type into. I have always used the standard version but you can use whichever works for you.

If interested can download it here

Also, don’t feel any pressure to do this if you don’t want to. It’s not a one size fits all thing just as how drawing up a vision board isn’t. But if you try it, do let me know how your experience was.

See you tomorrow for day 14 !


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