BLOGMAS Day 16: When traversing…

When traversing, what do you pay attention to? What ends up being a core memory for you?

A few days ago, I remember reading some articles by people who do travel writing and I was so blown away! The way they shared the details of the things they saw, the people they met, what they tasted etc was just so impressive!!

I too would want to do that. To paint such vivid pictures for others. Granted such pieces begin with set intentions of fully immersing yourself in the experience and taking a few notes in the moment as things happen, it’s so beautiful to read.


These are my thoughts right now in this car. I wanted to catch this beautiful sunrise. I’ve been looking to my left and right and I don’t see it. The daylight is here but I haven’t spotted anything. Where’s the light coming from?

Something nudges me to turn around. I now see what seems to be what’s left of a spectacular sunrise. Urgh! I didn’t carry a notebook anyway.

I’m definitely gonna take this from the top again. A specific trip just for this.

But for this next one, I just want to chill.


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