BLOGMAS Day 17 : Keeping it simple

I was so excited to attend my first paint and sip session a couple of months ago. I would’ve loved to attend it with someone I knew or something but then, it was a weekday and getting people available at that time was pretty hard so I just decided to go by myself and maybe try to socialize. Maybe make a friend or two. Maybe not give off snobbish vibes?

The good thing is I actually made like three friends who were visiting the country at that time. A couple of days later we even met up and had a good time before they left for the coast. They even invited me to join them there for the rest of their holiday but I wasn’t available to do so. But yeah, I could not believe some people thought I would be that cool to spend time with. It felt pretty good.

So the thing with these paint and sip sessions, is that they can be pretty beginner friendly. There’s usually sort of guidance on how to go about things if you are not so familiar.

In this case, there was a particular thing we were supposed to paint. so, of course, we were taught about how to mix colours to get the right shades; remember the primary and secondary colours bit from creative arts?

Also how to use the brushes and which ones to. I was shown a pretty cool technique for adding small spots that looked like stars; so cool!

Then came the fun part! Creative freedom!

We were allowed to do our own interpretation of the image on the board.

So initially I started with what was on there but then decided to go with how was feeling and just do something totally different. Not even in the slightest inspired by what was there. It was going so good at first. I decided I wanted to paint this beautiful flame. My blocks of wood were looking really nice but then the colour of the flame? I was not nailing that and I didn’t like it. 

So I decided to change what I was doing again.

Tried to do some nice skylights thing with stars on there…

Still, it was a no!

By the time I was done? It was just not that good and someone could hardly tell what it was. I was surprised when I got home and my sister could make out what my vision was.

I truly wish I could’ve just kept it simple and just literally painted what was initially on the board.

When I go for another one I will just stick to what has been set out and just avoid making things so complicated.

Quite frankly I think sometimes that’s the way to live life. Simply. But not to be confused with basic.


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