BLOGMAS Day 18: What happened to saying “wrong number!”

I appreciate when people say “Wrong number !” with a quickness just seconds after asking them are you so and so…

But not everyone is like this I guess.

I called a number that was on a certain poster, to make a reservation for a Christmas Eve dinner special that the restaurant will be offering. (If you haven’t gotten to it, Do it! If you have no solid plans like meeting family or friends or travelling, over the holidays, I highly recommend doing this )

Back to the story.

So I’m on the phone with this guy and just after the hello, I could sense something was off. I was expecting, “Hello xxx restaurant, thank you for calling. How can I assist ?” But nothing.

So I just decided to be the one to ask if it was xxx restaurant, and the guy was like “ y…e..a..h“”

I’m like hmm okay. I’d like to make a reservation for this dinner… he’s like okay.

Doesn’t ask me to share details like the standard procedure usually is – “ What’s your name ? How many people ?” you know the vibes.

So of course at that point, I’m like this is definitely not someone from the restaurant. I go ahead to call directly through their IG contact and get someone who was actually from the restaurant.

Turns out the number on their poster was in fact erroneous! I really wish this other guy told me off sooner.


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