BLOGMAS Day 20: Thoughts of Ease and Softness

This is for us who need to finally feel it’s safe to unclench…

For a greater portion of this year, I began being more intentional with what state I wanted to exist in. After considering everything I had gone through prior, I saw that what I greatly desired was just to be at ease. I didn’t want to feel unsettled in my spirit or like anything was being forced; I wanted to be at ease and experience softness.

I’d dare say I wanted to be on a permanent DND basis. Nothing coming to ruin my peace.

I didn’t want to be on edge every single time. I no longer wanted to hold my breath as a way of coping.

Even if things wouldn’t be perfect, I wanted them to feel like soft thorns. Marshmallow soft. Just a little semblance that it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Nothing beyond!

This is still what I wish for in the upcoming year. For everyone really. I have gotten a glimpse of just how light things can feel. How softly we can experience life and I want it over and over again. I don’t want that guy wrenching feeling after a heartbreak. I want to easily let go and feel a sense of freedom. A lighter load. Relief. Ease !

I want to laugh out loud till my stomach almost hurts because I am not anxious that my happiness and joy will slip through my fingers. To be free to try things I want to ; just because. No pressure attached to anything. Freely flowing from within. Lol, I don’t even want my massages to hurt ! You know when they’re trying to get to those knots ? I don’t want those to be there. I think those knots just hold on to the stress and store it in the body. I want soft massages that just feel like hands with oil are only gliding on my body. These thought of ease and softness, I wish them for you too!


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