BLOGMAS Day 22 – Taking stock

Nothing like a good taking-stock post right?

Making: reservations has been my favourite activity this year! Like if someone asks me out on a date and they hadn’t made reservations, it’s almost a turn-off. Or an ick? So now we’re just standing there waiting to hear if there’s space. Immediately no!

Getting: dessert after each meal is where it’s at. So so good! Probably not healthy but it’s too good! I will always get dessert. Now that I’m at the coast, I’m loving that ice cream at the end. Recommend!

Cooking: this Christmas? I don’t want to be you!

Sipping: cold drinks will be the end of my sister. Like even water has to always be ice cold no matter the weather.

Reading: might be nice and all but to be honest it’s also something you cannot enjoy doing when you’re in a certain headspace. I don’t know if it’s just me.. but this has taken a dip on my end.

Thinking: about this person who recognized me from online and came to say hi to me ecstatically and I was just there thinking that I’d rather she hadn’t. Whew!

Remembering: what people texted is my second job. I am the queen of pulling out those receipts and replying to messages you sent years ago just so that I prove my point. Welp. Anyway, I nowadays delete chats because I’m trying to be better and unbothered.

Looking: forward to being busy. This is the best state for my mind. I do some fantastic stuff in this state and next year is already looking promising on this front. Couldn’t be happier.

Listening: to podcasts based on people’s recommendations has been pretty fun! It’s kinda like wow, this is the stuff you’re into? So cool! None has been a miss so far. But I mean if I’m following someone online I’m already into something they are into as well in a way. So it’s not that much of a surprise.

Wishing: I had some dangerously large amounts of money in my account. The kind that gets your account frozen and you have to go in person to verify your identity and source.

Enjoying: not being so self-critical of myself lately. Loving that I’m giving myself my flowers in more ways than one and extending grace; being patient with myself while at it.

Appreciating: thoughtfulness! That’s it.

Wanting: to make probably my biggest purchase yet next year. It sounds absolutely ludicrous to think about that being a possibility but I’ve seen what being delusional has gotten me so I just have to be even more delusional and see it happen.

Eating: other people’s money is nice. More of this in 2023, please.

Finishing: the year with a lot of gratitude. Not only for me but for my friends too. I’ve seen God move things for them and my heart is just too full. And to think there’s still so much more in store? We’re ready to have our hearts burst for joy, please.

Liking: the weather at the moment. So so lovely. Wear your cute sundresses people.

Loving: the 2022 playlist Spotify curated for me. So me and so spot on. Still not over it at all.

Buying: things based on ratings or price? Saw a video where people were asked this and I was like hmm.. interesting! For me, I think both? I like having the option of choosing a price range and then filtering out based on ratings. Also, do people actually do high to low when it comes to sorting on price?

Watching: sunsets is too precious! Few things I love as much as that! Very few.

Hoping: 2023 will be my year of travel. God knows I need it to happen or I’ll just lose it for real. Manifesting those trips!

Wearing: heels more in 2023? I’m a sandals babe but me in heels? A beautiful thing.

Walking: even in the neighbourhood is such a risky affair and I absolutely hate it. I’m literally so scared especially to do an evening or early morning one. I wish we could be assured of safety.

Following: TikTok drama will have you hooked! You just be there in the comments trying to see where the next part is. Like it’s been 3 hours where’s part 5?

Noticing: I love amber floral ( especially white. Floral ) scents. My goodness!!

Saving: your good things for later isn’t as great as you think. I saw someone commenting why does tomorrow deserve good things more than today does and it got me thinking. Maybe make today special. Wear that new dress, pair of shoes..etc.

Waiting: for a certain congratulations email to come through because it would really set me up for great success. Like please whisper a prayer for me so that this comes through.

Bookmarking: some beautiful locations in Thailand and Greece that are so gorgeous! Not as popular but absolutely stunning! And yeah, I’m gatekeeping until after I go.

Coveting: some dresses I can’t afford yet. But one day!

Feeling: like a lot of things are about to change drastically for my good. And I’m opening my heart to receiving all of it.

Hearing: my own thoughts be kinder to myself is such a win! Like my mind is a safe space for me? Wow!

See you tomorrow for day 23! Guys, it’s almost Christmas for real!


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