BLOGMAS Day 24: 2022 Wrap Up

For today I’ll be sharing an image from every month this year; of a place or moment that I found memorable


So I started the year in Egypt ! Whew ! Immediately regrets only sticking to one photo. Anyway, this was such a highlight for me this year. Sharm el Sheikh is such a beautiful destination and I absolutely fell in love with it. Also got the chance to experience a bit of Cairo. Met some amazing people who I’m still in touch with to date. Such a good month!


Went for my first paint and sip session ever. At this point in the year “ I was cruising nicely”. Open to social events, taking a day at a time. Still trusting I had time. Like I had the rest of the year ahead of me. That was the constant vibe. I loved February.


A lot happened this month ! It was so scary of me and I was overthinking a lot of things. But after the dust settled o was able to explore this lovely space in Eldoret. It’s definitely a core memory for me. I was there able to remove my shoes and walk on the grass. Be surrounded by nature. It was much needed. Also while at it , I got a really beautiful dress at the MRP at Rupas mall! Like the dress only stated getting stocked in the Nairobi outlets like weeks later. I was pleasantly surprised.


Italian food was a constant as usual! Met up with Victoria and it was definitely a highlight this year. We don’t get to meet as often in person so this was everything! And she got me the cutest little love dictionary if I can call it that.


Fell in love with Kilifi and can’t wait to go back and explore it more. It’s just that place that gives off unproblematic vibes and I mean what else would you want ?


Celebrated love. I loved being a wedding guest especially in the first half of the year ! Love was all around for real. So this image is just a representation of all that.


Met up with so many friends this month I feel like. Also finally got to check out Jiko restaurant then. It was just so pleasant to have all these group interactions in July. My cup was filled for sure.


Another good month ! Was when I started a new role which has been so fulfilling thus far. I near about died trying to get to these waterfalls though ! Elections humour was also top top !


The group made it out of the group chat ! Definitely a memorable trip. We truly had a good time and I mean I’m still in owe that we actually made it happen !


This was another good month. I ate out a lot ! Met up with my baby who gave me these flowers. It had been a minute since we had interacted so this was so so refreshing. Love her to death ! I hope she knows.


I’d say this was an okay month for me. There wasn’t much activity really on my end except celebrating my sister’s birthday. Ending the month with Spotify wrapped was however so welcome. This was definitely spot on !


Birthday trip innit ! Just look at that beauty! This trip is definitely a highlight. Will be sharing about my experience probably after next week but the complaints are minimal.

Overall I’d rate my year a solid 7 out of 10 ! We can definitely do better next year.


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