These plants are still alive !!

A random passing thought written out for you

In December my sister gifted me two plants for my birthday. My previous experience as a plant mom had not gone so well so I did not really have high hopes this time around but said I would at least try! While there are so many resources from which I could learn about taking care of a plant, I don’t know, it just all feels so out of reach for some reason. However, it seems moving them to a certain corner of the house has made a difference.

Ever so often, I remember them and check on them, water a little and that’s that. They are low maintenance after all, right?

So I checked and I saw what I think I call growth?

I was so happy!

Ecstatic even!

And you know I had to take a couple of shots.

A few days have passed as I write this but I think they are doing alright.

Back to the “these plants are still alive ! “moment. It felt really big to me.

There are lessons I have drawn from that moment. Of how there are things that are still alive in me and perhaps will be till the end of my days. Things that are so innate that it does not take a lot to tickle them. Things that are so me. Things that are for me. Things that will always remain alive.

I think that is beautiful.

So maybe go back to those things that are still alive in you. The things that make your heart flutter with joy. The things that you felt you needed to tuck in far and deep; hard to reach places.

Breathe life into them

Water them

Don’t be afraid when it feels like your lungs are expanding. It’s the air that will sustain you coming in.


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